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Personal Management - Basis of Leadership

The basis of personal management is self-knowledge. The course, in this conception, allows studying to reflect on their virtues, character window, personal values, intrinsic work motivators and behavioral profile. The possibility of reflection for students organizing strategies to improve their working and personal lives, through instruments that will be made available throughout the course. In this sense, the course will be extremely important for professionals who wish to obtain a conscious state in relation to viable means of achieving a certain objective.

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40 dias

Público Alvo

The course Personal Management - Basis of Leadership is preferably oriented to public managers. Public servants of any sphere and authority, as well as citizens in general, are authorized to take this course.

Conteúdo Programático
  • Module 1 - Biopsychosocial Development and Biological Dimension
  • Module 2 - Psychological Dimensions and Behavioral Profile
  • Module 3 - Social Dimension and Integrative Development
  • Module 4 - Mindsets and aspects related to the Positive Psychology
  • Module 5 - Virtues, Character Forces, Personal Beliefs and Values
  • Module 6 - Coaching Techniques

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